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The entire process in-house

Tailor-made constructions, tailored to each cinema

At Dutch Cinema Construction the entire process remains in-house. Manufacturing, spraying and installing frames: we do it all ourselves. This way, we can guarantee optimal quality. An additional major advantage is that we can tailor to every requirement, ranging from large to small constructions.

Modular system, robust and safe

Dutch Cinema Constructions uses a modular system. Components are easily mutually interchanged. This makes it possible to build constructions for cinema screens and speakers very efficiently. The use of steel pipes with a diameter of 30 mm guarantees the structural integrity. And therefore the safety for you and our employees. It is always possible to climb the frames. Which enables you to safely carry out maintenance to the audio and video installations at a later point in time.

In-house construction department

We always have a large stock of steel to respond quickly to your demand. Based on your specifications, we develop the construction. We process separate parts into ladder racks, the basis of every frame. The frames are extendible in both horizontal and vertical direction. Any unevenness in the cinema space can therefore be perfectly accommodated. Positioning of the screen and speakers match your requirements exactly. In our own spraying booth we provide the constructions with a finishing coating. Dutch Cinema Constructions uses water-based paints, without solvents that are harmful to the environment.

Perfection down to the smallest detail

Cinema construction is a finely tuned process. Especially when it comes to screens and speakers. We are used to taking into account the strictest tolerances, whether these are viewing angles or the precise installation of the speakers based on high Dolby Atmos requirements. But we do more. For example, we can optimise the acoustics by means of a baffle wall. This is a construction that prevents sound from reverberating against the back wall of the cinema. We also ensure that acoustic vibrations are not transferred to the construction. Where necessary, we work closely together with technicians for sound and vision. Fire safety requirements are also integrated in our systems. And we vacuum the space after finishing the job.

Special constructions

“Standard” does not exist in our profession. Each cinema has its own dimensions and characteristics. We can also supply more complex installations. Floating screens, for example, where the entire construction is taken out of sight. Or systems that can be hoisted up, for cinemas that double as theatre. The modular design of the system makes it possible to construct the optimal frame for every space.