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Now also available as construction package, everywhere in the world

Now also available as construction package, everywhere in the world

The unique construction system of Dutch Cinema Constructions for cinema screens and speakers can now also be used anywhere in the world: as tailor-made construction package. Due to the relative simplicity of the system it can be installed anywhere. Additional technical expertise is not necessary: a clear manual shows the way. This also makes it interesting from a cost point of view. Do you prefer 100% certainty? Then you can rely on the efforts of a technical supervisor of Dutch Cinema Constructions.

How to order a system?

Precision also comes first for tailor-made building packages of Dutch Cinema Constructions. We therefore have a clear template you can use to determine the exact dimensions of your frame. Moreover, the construction can be extended in horizontal and vertical direction. This allows you to easily accommodate any unevenness on the spot. Please fill out the order form here (hyperlink). First you will receive a clear and specified quotation free of obligation and an indication of the delivery date.

Complete on delivery

The system is delivered completely prefab: including all the mounting materials and screws and sprayed with a water-based paint. Your own people can assemble it. For the shipment you can use the services of our shipping agent or your own transport partner. The entire construction is tightly and robustly packaged, suitable for transport by train and/or lorry.